Al Jarreau – Just To Be Loved

Al Jarreau Just To Be Loved

Al Jarreau – Just To Be Loved Lyrics

Artist: Al Jarreau
Song: Just To Be Loved

I was down to the bone I was lonely only yesterday
Didn”t know I was throwin my chances away
Then you came along just long enough to see
Far beyond the fool that I have come to be

*Just to be loved by you
It”s like having all my sweetest dreams coming true
You showed me something I”ve never seen
You made me something I have never been before

Never before
I was always the one who would never give anything away
If all your feeling is cool there”s not much to say
When the silence got too loud for me to bear

You brought me love and taught me how to care
Cherish love when you use it
It”s never gone they say

When you have it
It”s only love, only love
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Al Jarreau Lyrics – Just To Be Loved

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Release Year: 2000