Akouty – No Time

Akouty No Time

Akouty – No Time Lyrics

Artist: Akouty
Song: No Time

Verse 1:
I’m from the city where the dreams are made
Streets are though, no parade
But I’m on a mission, to make a way

Spitting fire like a dragon every fcking day
I rise up like a phoenix from the ashes
I never gonna let my dream crashes
Stacking up my chips, i dont take no losses

I’m making it happen, entertaining the masses
“I ain’t looking for fame”, just some respect
I ain’t looking for a handouts, just a fair deck
I’m putting in the work, ain’t no shortcuts for me

Grinding every day, to reach my destiny
I ain’t scared of failure, I ain’t scared to fall
Pick myself up, and keep going for more
I learn from mistakes, I dont’t repeat them

I keep on climbing ranks, ain’t no peak that can beat them
Hook :
I’m making moves, no time to waste
I’m chasing gold, no time to chase

I’m living life, no time to wait
I’m reaching high, no time to hesitate
I’m taking risks, no time to be safe
I’m taking action, no time for delays

I’m Chasing success, no time to play
I’m making moves, no time to waste
I’m living proof that you can make it

Gotta keep pushing, don’t let anyone break it
Always climbe up, never look back
Aim to the top, nothing gonna hold u back
n#gg#s climing all over my sh#t

When i was down none of em appeared
Now am way off ,they all up om my dick
Fake #ss n#gg#s
Be calling i ain’t picking the phone up

Call it bussy thats all it is
They ain’t sticking for blood
Just parties & cakes
They say success is the best revenge

But I don’t hold grudges, I just hold my pen
I write my story, I take control
Never let anyone define my role

I’ve been doubted, underestimated
But i prove time and time again
That I’m destined for greatness
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Akouty Lyrics – No Time

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Release Year: 2018