Aiselugi – Melatonin

Aiselugi Melatonin

Aiselugi – Melatonin Lyrics

Artist: Aiselugi
Song: Melatonin

Hope you remember my voice at the hard times
Also can cry when you watch the stars at the sky
I deadly miss you but i don’t let myself fall in disguise
You know i have eyes

You know what you do
You indeed are my most comfort love
In another life we met now we’re found
And you just close your eyes now

And give me your hands
It’s love at first glance
And you come sleep in my bed
It’s late and i’m glad we you don’t sleep bad

Your touch that i feel so rare i will miss with my heart
The dreams when i saw and held you thеy so sweet in my mind
Please tell mе my melatonin is working fine
I’ve missed couple of night before I found you

You do love me more than anyone else
And my melatonin works for you, i guess
And you just close your eyes now
Let me kiss you soft

Know your favorite spot
And you come sleep in my bed
It’s late i’m glad
I met you that night

I can’t sleep no more
But know that i’m here
Do you hear me?
Can’t sleep no more

But know my love is here
And i’m always near for you
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Aiselugi Lyrics – Melatonin

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Release Year: 2023