ActuallyTalik – Withering Blossoms

ActuallyTalik Withering Blossoms

ActuallyTalik – Withering Blossoms Lyrics

Artist: ActuallyTalik
Song: Withering Blossoms

Pain a sinners fortune
Dragon lung is scorching
My life is not important
All this stress that I got

Cannot move forward
Always looking back
Feeling like a failure
Then I pour it back

Cussing like a sailor
This my very soul
On the trail of tears
While I grip this pole

Looking in the mirror
Cannot see myself
Instead it’s just a foe
Think I need some help

Coughing everyday
Losing all my health
Don’t know where I’m going
I just lost myself

Don’t know where he’s going
He just needs some help
He just needs some help
That was cool dude (Did you see that?)

You almost like destroyed yourself
I just want to be great
But I think it’s too late

Can’t escape this fate
Thinking I’mma die from the wait

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ActuallyTalik Lyrics – Withering Blossoms

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Release Year: 2023