ActuallyTalik – Superior Thesis

ActuallyTalik Superior Thesis

ActuallyTalik – Superior Thesis Lyrics

Artist: ActuallyTalik
Song: Superior Thesis

Uh, Okay
Walked in that b#tch
I’m floating like Jesus
I got that power, I feel like I’m Yeezus

In my head pick up the pieces
Ten billion percent got superior thesis
Call me Doctor Stone

My n#gg# I’m on
Space X, took a hit now I’m gone
Breaking necks
Cutting checks

In my zone
Feeling like Trump
Just leave me a loan
Six speed, you already know I’m in the RX

Whipping that white
Yeah shout-out my Pyrex
The gang you bang called upset
I’m killing these rappers

There really are no threats
Oh man god damn
Hе dead
Stacking more cheese than Dеx

I’m fed
Told him I’d get him
I filled him with dread
n#gg#s is toxic, I fill ’em with lead

Pulled up like Armin
I got the artillery
Nuclear power
Colossal you kidding me

I’m smoking these dudes too easily
Sage mode
I’m f#cking him up like Mitsuki
Villainous nature

Akin to Darth Vader
Beheaded yo’ b#tch
She ate my lightsaber
I’m harder than iron

A diamond crusader
I’m back from the future
I am terminator
These kids needa get gone

About to hit domes
Got a glove
Filled with big stones
One shot to the head

n#gg#s get pwned
Houses get droned
I’m alone with some bright chrome
Feel like Black Star the way I’m finna X you

If you a nut n#gg# choppa finna cashew
If you religious then this bullet finna bless you
This ain’t school but I’m really finna test you
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ActuallyTalik Lyrics – Superior Thesis

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Release Year: 2021