ActuallyTalik – Carnivorous Soap

ActuallyTalik Carnivorous Soap

ActuallyTalik – Carnivorous Soap Lyrics

Artist: ActuallyTalik
Song: Carnivorous Soap

I’m with the brotherhood
They a bunch of assassins
Monkey D Luffy, Bubble booties call me captain
He claim he want the smoke but when I asked he said he capping

Something like a myth
I’m a mother f#cking dragon
Something like a joke

You the reason why I’m laughing
Rough childhood be the reason he packing
It was hard coming out the mud
I had to find a passion

It was hard so I had to jug
Get it then I’m dashing
Friends with the bloods
And friends with the crips

Shed a little blood yeah
I had to come to grips
In my memories I don’t like to take the trips
Cause when I look back

I’m really with the sh#ts
Young n#gg# ain’t have no hope
Had to come clean carnivorous soap

Spread my wings, tie my neck with rope
Depression setting in, no way to cope
Grab a pen, with a pad, make notes
Drowning in despair got no lifeboat

All I could do was float
Yeah covered in ice no coat (yeah)

Yeah (uh)
Yeah, (Just chilling or something, I mean, you know)

Yeah (f#ck)
Carnivorous soap, they ruin their lives with dope
The sh#t that I seen tighten my throat

No joke, I’m sitting down with a tote
Running the streets with locs
We giving out smoke
You better not choke

Or croak
Second amendment invoke
Bam pow clash bash
n#gg# is trash

n#gg#s is #ss
f#ck n#gg# I really don’t care about your stupid #ss feelings

Feeling sad in the rain
Feeling that pain
Crying like L on the ceiling
I swear that these n#gg#s can’t hang

They down the drain
None of their thoughts appealing
I’m with a girl that bang
She love to sing

She on her the ground just kneeling
n#gg#s ain’t really want work
I’m up in the dirt
The mud is dragging me

Putting the sweat in my shirt
The work I exert
I’m making salaries
I give a damn about a n#gg#

Cause the figures really big as galaxies
I’m making my L’s a winner
I’m up with the trimmer
I’m cutting calories

I remember the last December
Lost to a sinner
It was a travesty
I’m cutting the wood

Like timber
A lion like simba
I’m stacking casualties
So casually

I know they mad at me
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ActuallyTalik Lyrics – Carnivorous Soap

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Release Year: 2021