3x3dot – SWITCH

3x3dot SWITCH

3x3dot – SWITCH Lyrics

Artist: 3x3dot

She louder than this za I’m facing
I had to put her out
3 gon keep the (clkkk) adjacent
And a few extras rounds

Paper wit my dawgs we chasin
We just a bunch of hounds
Thankful that I’m blessed with patience
Cus this sh#t took a while

I’m seeing clearer now
Set the focus on the scope
Cheaper tickets for the dope
The money is my antidote

If yeen go pop that sh#t for pimp then what you coming foe
Get up in that p#ss# pop my sh#t like “yeah keep c#mming hoe”
Slamming sh#t like dominoes
Brodie got the 4-5

Bullets look like dominoes
Thеm b#tches the same sizе
Slice yo #ss like Dominoes
If you f#cking wit my pie

Spark n I get 3 high
Silence is my reply
Green flag in my Levi
1’s and a wife beatah

2 cups of tequila
Mo cheese than the cheetah
Love my dawgs, bunch of Ps never beefing over no b#tch
We locked for life on the same side I could never..

Big Joker at the bottom life like spades and I’m the f#cking dealer

Say I’m selfish stubborn af, but ion f#cking feel her
Convo a lil meal and a nut, and we gon smoke some refer
She said 3 whatever just don’t ghost me like thriller b#tch I’m dead
I’m a f#cking zombie

I got the draws dawg p#ss# bald caller her Tommy
Got her nose running
Chew me like a gummy
I’m a wild n#gg# just like Donnie

They snitching I call it gunning they be
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3x3dot Lyrics – SWITCH

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Release Year: 2023