2ndsamuel – Function

2ndsamuel Function

2ndsamuel – Function Lyrics

Artist: 2ndsamuel
Song: Function

Dripped out at the function
Looking fresher than what’s next
I’m out here stuntin’
Dripped out at the luncheon

Got hot chicken on my plate we out here munchin’
Ooh baby got the spec
Keep it chill i send a check
We double check you if you tryna steal all of this ice up off my neck

Lose my grip i never flex
And my scene i rep the set
It’s obscene how all these ops want steal my flow and scrap my recs
But i stay on the grind and they perplexed

They stayin’ vexed when i call game and hittin’ nothing but the net
She said we going out tonight like it’s a bet
This beat too sick i’ll call the vet before the neighborhood gets rabies and then sues me for my neck
I wrecked the ‘vette outside mercedes tryna pull up for my whip

Still gave a tip
And then i dip
It’s 1:05 i’m on the highway when i begin to really vibe
At the top you gotta feel alive

When it drop i hope you really fly
〈verse 2: wyguy〉
Everybody hatin’ on me while i while i be makin’ moves and they workin’ 9-to-5’s
I been sittin’ in the passenger seat for a minute, i think it’s my time to drive

I’m just steady goin’ forward and all of the haters you know they move side-to-side
A lot of people didn’t know i could rap because i’m using music as my disguise
Yeah, i get straight to the advance
Yeah, look at my whip it’s from france

My wallet’s full all of my friends
Yeah, there is no limit, no end
I have no idea what i spend
’cause money, it keeps comin’ in

It’s rare if you don’t see me win
My pocket’s will never be thin
You know i get right to the money and count it again and again and again
Count it again and again and again

Count it again and again and again
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2ndsamuel Lyrics – Function

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Release Year: 2022