2glocks.red – Perk Freestyle

2glocks.red Perk Freestyle

2glocks.red – Perk Freestyle Lyrics

Artist: 2glocks.red
Song: Perk Freestyle

My young n#gg#s killers they play with them sticks, no mad 5k send a blix, in the trap everyday with a 556,lil ham tried to run got his dumb #ss hit, free cone tryna sucked straight dick, Kant come in the party u don’t got a blick
Ain’t playing no games get rolled like Rick, aye sippin that sock this sh#t not trish , they came to the hood make his dumb #ss sprint, everyday we in the bent, just f#ck on a hoe right now she lit, just thru back a perc now I’m geek in a b#tch, opp hoes give lo’s we give that dick on gang lil Dre u wasted a blick, they he cappin in sh#t like he spin thru the bricks ,whole gang got to a n#gg# we lit
Lil Josh whеre u at make this mf switch
Blr blr

Walk me down with that switch, just thru back a pеrk f#ck send a blix
Pull down the skirt he’ll naw eat that dick, got a switch one button one sqezze get him hit
And the k got a kick, opp get the lo i finesse

You set n#gg#s up
Lil bro wanna diss but I’m smoking his pontha, 556 hit boy up like a doctor, ham ahh dead get sent where his pontha, f#ck that spin back with his momma, in the 6 rn smoking des to the face, catch finesse imma catch me a case
Walk he down he that switch, wtf is walkdown catch a opp and get faced, they still spray that bih like some mace
I’m off a 30 ain’t talm bout no curry, opp hoe she get creamed like McFlurry, we get the drop we gon spin in a hurry, catch an opp face shot leave him blurry , f#ck that face shot leave his #ss down, if he dis leave his #ss with a frown, call lil Dre and he come up with some rounds, like switch on a Glock like b#tch get down but f#ck what hat b#tch imma walk his #ss down, and u know I’m shoot keep cappin, call lil Dee and he that boy got a glock32, and u know that b#tch shoot like magic, him and lil red hop out two gens, hop out the car shoot his #ss in the chin, 5k hot got you know we love to spin, call lil hot he make ya #ss din, like diss hit he back up, call lil hot like wassup, aye I popped a perc and I booted him up, and I call up lil den let’s stick him up, I’m in this bih off a gen, aye I and u know I love to spin,call lil hot and he make you dance, aye face shot gang kick that b#tch in his head, let’s go hop out and hit ‘em, call me lil red know I’m gon spin them, call lil drako his gon get him, call me lu red walk him done in some dinner, we spin the block get to clappin, hop out the car hit wit that Glockgen5. Call lu dee and that boy got a Glock, aye pop him a perk no he geek no lie

Wtf is walkdown catch a opp and get faced
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2glocks.red Lyrics – Perk Freestyle

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Release Year: 2022