185 Lil K – Beatbox Freestyle

185 Lil K Beatbox Freestyle

185 Lil K – Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics

Artist: 185 Lil K
Song: Beatbox Freestyle

Smart water but this b#tch still dumb
And i be totin’ them glocks for fun
n#gg#s see me best bet they run
Not a lick but i’m lickable

Pull out them sticks, he look stickable
Play with my balls, she get the dribblin’
She suck the dick got her beatboxin’
When it comes to me i don’t do no boxin’

Make sure a n#gg# get him a coffin
She swallow kids she need a bib
She say i f#cked she tellin’ a fib
Twenty-five livin’ like doctor phil

Remember bein’ broke, i know how it feel
Youngest n#gg# with the best recipе
Not a sucker but you can come suck on
Not a bed but you can put that #ss on mе

Not a bank you can’t get sh#t out of me
My seraphim angels watchin’ above
n#gg#s like hoes wishin’ they can touch me
Pass on the p#ss#, i know she wanna f#ck me

I back with chase, i’m chasin’ cash
If you don’t finish first then you last
Heart brown ’cause it been in the dirt
Not emotionally scared but i’m hurt

Look in the mirror, i don’t know my worth
Light up a candle, get it on the way
n#gg#s gon’ talk, what they gon’ say?
Don’t let the praise go to your head

Don’t let the hate get to your soul
We all got a story, don’t get it told
Twenty-five years of livin’, never fold
Tired of strippers, i don’t even wanna see a pole

But i definitely gotta keep my pole
Gotta keep a b#tch with a fat #ss
So i guess i’m back to where i started
I said i loved you, ain’t no departing

Never been a walmart n#gg#
Always wanted to go to target
You think this bank runnin’ low? (crazy)
I’m just gettin’ started

I need a purple heart for my cold heart
The words that i’m speaking are art
Call me one-eighty-five mozart (piece)
Ain’t sh#t sweet, no pop-tart

Been havin’ sh#t from the start (duh)
I don’t even move i don’t see a check
Big lnf piece on my neck
You don’t know where i started, can’t tell me shit
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185 Lil K Lyrics – Beatbox Freestyle

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185 Lil K - Beatbox Freestyle